Saturday, April 3, 2010

Long weekends…Time to relax and catch up!

Man…It’s been so long since I last blogged! It was a mix of laziness, lack of inspiration, many many things going on in mind at the same time and LOTS of work! Am I forgiven? Uh? Pretty please?! Yay!   

It’s been a little bit over 6 months since I went under surgery, and have lost 110,23lb so far. Yay!² The feeling of freedom is the most incredible. Some people might not understand what I mean, but I believe MANY share this feeling with me. It’s like having control of your life, actually feeling good, like REALLY accomplishing something you’ve battled against all of your life. I’ve still got many, many pounds to lose, but the feeling’s already amazing. Trust me.

Work-wise, I’m doing pretty well, too! Working in more than one school, much more groups than last semester, but really happy about it! That means they like what I do, and the final results are happy students + happy teacher + more $$!  

Autumn (or fall, if you prefer) is finally here, and I’m happy about it, even though we haven’t formally met this year. Signs of last summer are still in the air, but it’s been cooling down each day (Well, SOME days…), and that’s amazing, because I truly couldn’t handle any more heat. I swear I was literally melting here!

I’ve got a netbook from my parents last Christmas, and since then I’ve been trying to mentally work on my writing-laziness, if that exists, lol. I have been keen (-er? lol) on writing, and I could notice it by my renewed obsession for pens, pencils and all kinds of stationery, and my patience to write down all things work-related . I just gotta stop being lazy, and put my ideas on a paper (or word processor…). I’ve got some random ideas, that maybe (I said maybe) put together could turn into a nice story. Who knows! (I always say that, right? lol). I need to read more. More romances! I read some really good ones I got from my sister last Christmas, but I’m craving more! Hopeless romantic right here! *points to self and blushes*  

I’m gonna stop babbling as usual and go back to work on my wishlist ( –> ) and enjoy my long weekend…Tomorrow’s Easter, so I wish you guys a very happy one! Full of joy, laughter and love, surrounded by family and friends!

Take care!!

Rascal Flatts – This Everyday Love.
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