Sunday, November 22, 2009

Summarizing weeks

  It’s been awhile, uh? I was too lazy to stop and write and at the same time I’ve got a few things (some of them not so interesting) to tell. Two weeks ago we had a major blackout here in Brazil. Rio, other 9 Brazilian states and part of Paraguay were left in the dark for most of the night for reasons until now not completely known. Some say it was severe weather conditions, some say it was a flaw in the energy system. Even a hacker attack to the system was considered, but nothing confirmed, and the government doesn’t make the teeny tiniest effort to clear things up. Typical.

Summer’s coming. Yay. Not.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this time of the year for numerous reasons (such as the Holidays, me being on vacation for two months, etc.) but do not count the unbelievable heat as one of them. I absolutely hate way-too-hot days. And I bought two window air conditioners this past week. One for me and one for my parents. Mine will probably be delivered tomorrow, and I can’t wait to feel the coolness when it’s time to sleep again, haha. I swear you’ll open my bedroom door and “Jingle Bells” will start playing. Haha. I crack myself up sometimes. *shakes head laughing* – But at the same time I hate the days when I feel like I’m boiling, I love living close to the beach like I do. I love to go there, sit by the kiosks and drink some cold coconut water, hang out with family and friends, take a walk listening to music, and watch the waves crashing. The atmosphere is so nice and laid back. I really really like it!

My vacation countdown has started again! 19 days, woohoo! *marks calendar*

Changing the subject completely, a wasp stung my arm last week. It hurt. A lot. And felt like burning, too. Now I’ve got a tiny red mark on my arm that still itches a little. It looks like an allergic reaction to all the rubbing alcohol I put on it.

Well *sighs*, I think this is it for today. Will enjoy the last long weekend of the year being lazy. Have a lovely week!

Take care! =)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Have you been pampered enough, baby? *

I know I haven’t! And today was one of those days where you just take care of yourself. *sighs* So good…I went to the salon with mom, sis and my friend Bia with the sole purpose of being girly girls. Manicure, pedicure, hair, eyebrows…I really liked the result!

It’s been a month and a half since my surgery and the results are showing more and more each day. Besides having my blood pressure under control since I came home from the hospital, and forgetting that I have knees because they don’t hurt anymore, I feel it on my clothes, for instance: Wearing less 6 sizes/numbers IS a good feeling, let me tell you, hehe. And in this month-and-a-half (well, until last Tuesday anyway), I’ve already lost 48,5lb (22kg). Amazing, uh? Couldn’t be happier about it! Now I’m off that damn liquid diet, and eating each 2 hours. I’ve been back to work for about two weeks, and feeling really good :)

We’re heading towards the Holidays season, and I can’t wait…I love this time of the year! *thinks about Christmas list*

Yesterday was my niece’s 1st birthday and we’re throwing the party tomorrow. I can’t believe she’s already a year old, walking around the house, and getting cuter by the day! “Aw” moment here, haha.

Tomorrow’s a holiday here in Brazil, so no work for me.Yay! Only celebrate little Malu’s birthday, chill, and talk about random and nonsense stuff (well…for the others,anyway) with Bia.

Have a lovely week! :D


* Post title inspired by Ella Fitzgerald “Treat me Rough”. Yeah, random, I know. :P

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